Skull Snaps - My Hang Up Is You

Despite the slight cheese factor, I have a really good time with this song.  Note the “Hang Up” theme that parallels The Supreme’s “You Keep Me Hangin’ On”.  It also parallels that tune with a very similar individuated guitar riff (at 0:34), similar chord progression in a minor key, same “Motown” style drum beat with the snare on 1 and 3 instead of 2 and 4, and general feel and sophistication.  Skull Snaps have that 1973 refinement, though, both in production and arrangement.  Just listen, you’ll enjoy. -Ricky

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Dee Dee Warwick - I’ll Be Better Off Without You (Mercury, 1968)

I woke up today with this song stuck in my head.  The very awesome over-the-top  arrangement with cascading harp arpeggios, woodwinds and harpsichord individuates this midtempo Philly soul tune.  Dee Dee is of course sister to Dion and cousin of Whitney Houston.  Watch a performance of this song here.

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I was just going to be negative and rant about how there’s a lot of pretty weak “Northern Soul” out there.  I had pretty much given up but found a pretty cool song.  Two guys sort of doing a “Sam & Dave” or a “Them two” deal with two lead male vocalists.  Williams has really good delivery, Watson has the grit.  Good combo.

Williams & Watson - Too Late

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A great Northern Soul tune by Luther Ingram called “If it’s all the same to you, Babe”.  The B-Side to the original 45 had the instrumental version, but it was instead called “Exus Trek" and was attributed to "The Luther Ingram Orchestra". 

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I think for the next week or so I’m going to feature some of the tracks I’ve come across that are considered “Northern Soul”.  Thanks for the suggestion, iitns.  First up is a track called “Gone With the Wind of My Love” by Rita & The Tiaras.  She was a white girl based out of L.A. on Doré records, the same label Jan & Dean was on.

Rita & The Tiaras - Gone With the Wind Of My Love

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