Tommy Tate - Never Too Busy

Story goes there was a mixup with a couple reels of tape. A track “Never Too Busy (For My Baby)” by Mighty Sam was meant for a Malaco B-Side to his 45 “Mr. and Mrs. Untrue”. The tapes got mixed up and the same instrumental track wound up being used on Tommy Tate’s radio jingle “Never Too Busy”, which sells insurance.  Best part is at the finale of the Tate version Mighty Sam’s vocal track comes in, completely unrelated to the ad before it. Hear Mighty Sam’s version here. You can hear a couple other Tate tracks I’ve posted here.  

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An unusual song.  The prominent distorted electric guitar, the tin whistle.  This song could be a Gnarls Barkley song.  Originally labeled artist was “The Imperial Showband featuring Tommy Tate”. 

Tommy Tate - Where Did I go?

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Tommy Tate - I’d Really Like to Know.

The band is perpetually off but the song is really great and Tate really pulls off the vocal performance. 

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